Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Southwest Cares

From the Union Square May 2011 Newsletter (PDF)
On Matters of Life and Health - SOUTHWEST CARES

A Johns Hopkins / Baltimore City Health Department report revealed that in 2008, southwest Baltimore area residents had the lowest life expectancy in the city, with the highest or among the highest rates of heart disease and cancer. These outcomes are unacceptable. Southwest Cares is a relatively new organization and believes these outcomes will only change if there is a broad based effort to educate the community about the sources, extent, and impact of the challenges we face; develop a community driven process; create long-lasting, local partnerships that improve trust and coordination among residents, businesses, and government agencies and; establish strategic goals that can be developed, monitored and changed as evidence is gathered.

Southwest Cares is an evolving citizens group motivated to improve healthy outcomes for residents in southwest Baltimore. We have representation and support from the Baltimore City Health Department, neighborhood associations, a medical institution, professionals in the healthcare field and area residents. We are striving for a systematic approach to address health and environmental issues in five areas. 1) trash and pests; 2) vacant lots; 3) community green spaces; 4) healthy housing; 5) access to fresh fruits and vegetables. There has been much groundwork developed through many well-attended community-planning meetings over a two-year period.

We would like to have a representative from Union Square Association participate in our efforts. We meet monthly at Transfiguration Catholic meeting hall in Pigtown, on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. There is an open invitation for more citizen and organizational input and direction. A Union Square resident at the table with other association representatives would connect our Association with the important work being undertaken by Southwest Cares. Micha Dannenberg is the group’s interim chair and he can be reached at 443-423-4321. He’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

These meetings have been added to the Pigtown Happens Calendar!  Though, it conflicts with Citizens of Pigtown meetings.
Also, note that this Saturday's Artist Flee Market has also been added (taking place in front of Gallery 788 (at 788 Washington Blvd). 

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