Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crossing MLK Boulevard

The Baltimore Sun recently did an article about Fells Point's walkability problem.  

"Citizen fights Fells Point pedestrian changes"

This got me to thinking about our own neighborhood connections.  MLK is a huge barrior between our neighborhood and downtown.  The city even recognizes it in their planning guide.  To be honest, I feel even worse for Ridgleys Delight, our quaint neighbor who is sandwiched between the blazing traffic of MLK and Greene Street.
Image Credit: Blog Baltimore City's Past Present & Future

Taking the advice of a comment from the Sun's aforementioned piece on Fells, I decided to put in a 311 request.  It wasn't as straight forward as I hoped, so I opted for the "Traffic Signal Repair" service.  

Location: Washington Blvd & MLK Blvd
Street names of the intersection:  Washington Blvd & Martin Luther King Blvd
What type of signal problem: Signal is out
Additional Comments:  "Pedestrian signal is "functioning", but leaves a pedestrian to be attacked by oncoming traffic that turns left onto MLK.  Please enable traffic signal to hold red light in all directions when walk button is pushed."
Comments and attachments: "The signal does not meet the city's complete street goals.  Walkability is one of the largest factors in quality of life rating, and greatly enhances the viability of places that have it.  MLK blvd is a highway that divides the west side from downtown and keeps both from succeeding at attracting further development, more homeowners, or any other type of upwardly profitable neighborhood that the city could be proud of." (no attachments: note to self, must take pictures of family trying to cross on walk sign while cars whiz by their sad little faces)
 Do you agree?  Hit up 311.  Disagree?  Fight it out in the comments section.

Also see Baltimore Brew's article "Changing the West Side Story" for more info on the badly divided west side.


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  2. I actually had someone making a left here pull over and pull a knife on my fiance and I because we had the nerve to yell at them for nearly running us over when we were in this crosswalk with a walk sign. I'll be hitting up 311 as well Christina.