You can reach me at PigtownHappens at gmail dot com!  That's the fun way to write it so I don't end up with spam mail from all over the internet.

Currently, PigtownHappens is a one-person show.  I write this for fun in my free time, because everyone in this community (that's you!) is worth it.  Comments are encouraged, all ideas are awesome.   Contributors get hugs.  Lets make this great together!  Please tell your neighbors.

If you would like to get in touch with community organizations, please use the following addresses.  Remember, these are all volunteers, so please be patient & respectful:

President of Friends of Carroll Park
Gloria Petridge
gloryp49 at verizon dot net

Board of Directors of Citizens of Pigtown
Mary, Sherry, Nina, Wes
board at citizensofpigtown dot org

President of Pigtown Main Street Board
John Lam
president at mainstreet dot historicpigtown dot org