Friday, December 7, 2012

Carroll-Archer St Tot Lot Christmas Bazaar

The Carroll-Archer St Tot Lot Christmas Bazaar is a celebratory and health-centered event that will inspire and encourage children to take great pride in their health and to celebrate the involvement and participation of the children who actively participate in the community.

The Carroll-Archer St Tot Lot Christmas Bazaar is an annual event to give recognition to the children of the community who volunteer their time in the community.  The children clean and plant green space and participate in community clean ups.  They also participate in fundraisers such as bake sales and walkathons to generate capital for the Christmas bazaar.  At the Carroll-Archer St Tot Lot Christmas Bazaar we will have traditional caroling, tree decoration, face painting, and games for the children.  As part of the celebration we also have balloon art, the Pigtown Mascot and of course the man of the hour Santa and his elves!  We don't just have fun, the children receive free hats and gloves, books, and gift bags.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mount Clare Museum House Events, Decor, & Gifts

Letter from the Director
"Greetings from Mount Clare!

There are a few tickets left for our upcoming holiday bus tour.

Home for the Holidays Bus Tour
Tuesday, December 11

Get into the old-fashioned holiday spirit and visit five of Baltimore’s
premiere historic sites decorated in their holiday finest! This all day
excursion will be led by Courtney Wilson, Executive Director of the B&O
Railroad Museum. The five sites all share a common history – the
development of the B&O Railroad. Visit the B&O Railroad Museum, a rare
look inside the Maryland Club, Evergreen Museum, Homewood House and Mount
Clare. Ticket includes admission, lunch, refreshments, and transportation.
Prepaid reservations required. Space is limited, reserve early! For more
information or to make reservations call Dana Kirn, 410-752-2462, ext 221.
 Flyer attached.

And don't forget this weekend's event:

Open House Colonial Christmas at Mount Clare
Saturday, December 8
Entertainment, open house tour and greens and gift sale

Experience the holidays of years past at Mount Clare Museum House’s annual
winter celebration. Special programs include live musical performances by
the Monumental City Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.  Fun for the whole
family! $5 per person.

Purchase your fresh cut greens in the forecourt
for holiday decorating. Looking for the perfect gift? The museum store is
filled with holiday merchandise to satisfy your holiday shopping list.
Beat the rush - greens and gift sale starts Friday afternoon 2pm!!

And we will have LOTS of greens so spread the word!  All cut fresh this
week from Maryland gardens!  Greens sale start Friday afternoon.

Thank you in advance for your support and best wishes to all for a
wonderful holiday!

Jane D. Woltereck
Site Director
Mount Clare Museum House
Carroll Park
1500 Washington Blvd
Baltimore, MD. 21230
410-837-3262 ext 103
Fax 410-837-0251
Minutes from the Inner Harbor, Centuries Away!
B&O Railroad Museum
B&O Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station
Three great sites linking the first 13 miles of commercial rail in

Monday, December 3, 2012

Southwest Charter School: State Block Grant Funding legislation discussion

Southwest Baltimore Communities need to organize around State Block Grant Funding. Your are invited to participate in a discussion to support the pending State Block Grant Funding legislation that will benefit our city schools 10 year building plan.  This discussion will be on Wednesday, December 5th at 6:00PM, at the Southwest Baltimore Charter School, located at 1300 Herkimer Street. (accross from Carrol Park).  A representative from Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPSS) will be presenting the proposed 10 year building plan.  We have a unique oppourtunity to show our kids of Southwest Baltimore communities how important it is for them to have 21st Century building facilities for their education.  The following Southwest Baltimore schools will benefit from the block grant:

Charles Carroll Barrister - Renovate
George Washington - Renovate
Franklin Square - Renovate or Replace
James McHenry - Renovate
Steuart Hill Academic Academy - Renovate
Southwest Baltimore Charter School - Renovate or Replace

Feel free to forward this information to your community members, colleagues and other interested parties.

We look forward to seeing you,

Nigel Tyson

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pigtown Festival 2012 Details

This year's festival is gearing up to be ridiculously awesome.  I am really excited about all of the new features.

Here is some info from the festival website, in case you haven't seen it yet:

"Here in Pigtown, we love our pig races just as much as other Baltimoreans love the ponies! So, this year, we decided to make the annual "Running of the Pigs" a little more engaging!
SQUEAKNESS, an homage to Baltimore's favorite horse racing event, will consist of 6 shows throughout the day--for a total of 18 races ... and just as many chances to win fabulous prizes from local businesses!
Set up on either side of the track will be our SQUEAKNESS betting boothes! That's right. This year we're introducing the ability to bet on which pig you think is going to win each race.
So, select your pig, drop a raffle ticket in his bucket, and if he wins ... so can you. And if your pig doesn't win, your ticket will go into the main Festival raffle for another chance at one of our many prizes.
Get your SQUEAKNESS "Betting" Tickets for:
1 for $1, 7 for $5, 20 for $10, or 30 for $15

Get Messy at the Zips Activities Stage
9 rounds of pie eating madness at the Zips Activities Stage, featuring Dangerously Delicious Pies.
Dangerously Delicious BBQ Pork Pie Contest
12:30pm (1 round), 1:30pm (3 rounds),
and 6:30pm (1 rounds)

Results 1 Realty Pumpkin Pie Contest
2:30pm & 4:30pm

Fidelity First Sweet Potato Pie Contest
3:30pm and 5:30pm

HarborQue Rib Eating Contest

Free to participate! Must be 18+ and sign a waiver.

Pick a Pumpkin from 7-Eleven

Join us in bringing Halloween back to Historic Pigtown with the 7-Eleven Pumpkin Patch and Family Fun Area!
Activities and Trick-or-Treating are 100% FREE for your children!
Want more? Purchase a pumpkin or an official Halloween in Historic Pigtown Trick-or-Treat Bag before they run out!
Trick-or-Treating will begin at approximately 5pm at more than 20 trick-or-treat stations throughout the festival.
And we'd like to thank our local merchants for sponsoring these stations and proving the candy for our children

Drink like a Pirate. Eat like a Pig! 
Help us celebrate becoming an official event of Baltimore Beer Week by purchasing a "Pork & Pints" Pass.
But you'd better hurry, we're limiting sales to only 150 wristbands!
The "Pork & Pints" Pass
$35 or 2 for $60
Unlimited Heavy Seas Beer
Unlimited Pork BBQ from Select Vendors
Drinks by the Glass
Heavy Seas Beer - $5
Wine - $5
Pigtown Cocktails - $7
Pigtown Main Street Pint Glass
$10 and 1 FREE Beer Ticket! 

Live Music at the Main Events Stage

Pigtown After Dark @ The Mobtown Ballroom
When the festival ends ... the after party begins.
Just because the Pigtown Festival is over, and the pigs have run their last race, doesn't mean you have to go home.
Join us at the Mobtown Ballroom for Pigtown After Dark, featuring Heavy Seas Beer, Music, and Live Entertainment
$10 per person or 2 for $15
Doors open at 7pm with music being spun by DJ Pablo Fiasco Show starts at 8 and runs through midnight

Want to Sell Your Swag at the Pigtown Festival?

It's not too late to sign up to be a vendor at the festival. You can download the single-page application right here."

So what are you waiting for??  Oh, right... Saturday.  Yeah, don't go there now.  It's not ready yet.

See ya there!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Where: Paul's Place
1118 Ward Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Food, Music, Balloons, games, debut of Paul’s Place Choir and more

Festivities start around 12pm
(410)625-0775 For More info or


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pigtown Festival 2012

The website is finally up and running!

There are many things planned this year, so go ahead and put it on your calendar so you don't miss it!
The 2012 Pigown Festival is Saturday, October 20th 2012.

Some information is still in the works, but vendors applications are up!  To save you a couple clicks,  you can also get your vendor application by clicking HERE.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Why I choose Pigtown, and why I’m still glad that I did.

"What made you want to move to Pigtown?" Everyone who meets someone new to Pigtown asks the same question.  Mostly because we can't always remember our reasons after sweeping trash, pulling weeds, and putting our blood, sweat, and tears into this neighborhood.  At the end of the day, it's home and we love it.  But we want to be able to tell other people these reasons so that they can join the fun.  We love making new friends.  We have happy hours and BBQs.  I swear, it's not all work.  I've met neighbors who will absolutely be in my life forever.  I can't believe I lived without them until now.  So before I forget, here's my story.

I chose Pigtown because it looked like all of the cars on the street were in working order.  That’s it.  That was ultimately my measuring stick.  There are a lot more factors, of course, but if you’re trying to get to the meat of the issue, there it is. 

When I first started looking for a house to buy, I was full of wonder and hope.  A friend, who I work with often, referred me to a real estate agent.  This turned out to be a huge advantage for speaking honestly with each other about homes and locations because agents are typically bound by a code of conduct that restricts them from telling you things that might cause you not to buy that home, but since we were friends that code went out the window.  We worked together to find out what I could afford.  They would approve me for a loan on a house that cost about $120,000 in Baltimore City, or $140,000 in Baltimore County.  These numbers made the wonder and hope fade quickly.

In Baltimore County, $140,000 doesn’t go very far.  Anywhere that I thought would be cool was out of my price range.  However, $120,000 in Baltimore City went so far that I didn’t know what to do with my excitement.  I was an avid reader of blogs, and was pumped with a completely unrealistic level of confidence in my ability to DIY an entire house.  If you are excellent at home repairs, interior architecture, and enjoy making it all happen with your blood, sweat, and tears, Baltimore City is your playground.  You can own anything all of the way up to a mansion-sized home for $120,000.  Granted, it might not be convenient to needed amenities, it might need a lot of repairs, and it probably has some serious structural issues. 

When I realized that I was bound by the rules of FHA loans (which is you, if you plan to put less than 20% down), I was told that I would have to buy something that was livable on day 1 of move-in.  The selection went down drastically, but in an achievable kind of way.  So I made my list of dreams & requirements, and began looking around.

My list looked something like this, below. You’ll notice that the location was the most important thing.  This is because you can change the house any way you want, but you can’t move it.  It’s not going anywhere.
Requirements: Close to public transit to get around the City. Close to Rt 70 or Rt 95, at the Southern end of Baltimore, to get to work.  Close to a grocery to get necessities.  Close to a park to walk the dogs and have fun.  Located in an area that people cared about.  Close to things to do.  Not next to the train tracks, which are annoyingly loud at 5am on a weekend.  Somewhere that had active community groups – but not so well-established that they have too much help, and no room for me to join.  A back yard that faces south in order to get optimal sun for gardening. Somewhere for me and guests to park that is near the home.

Dreams: Hardwood floors. Roof deck. Full basement.  All rooms to be full height, including basement if it has daily necessities.  Room to have a guest stay over. Open stairwell.  Exposed Brick.  Something that doesn’t need so much work that I wouldn’t be able to find a roommate to help pay the bills.  Natural light (not the beer, though that would be an added bonus if it was waiting for me in the fridge).  Gas stove for cooking gloriousness.  Gas heat for money savings.  Efficient appliances for more money savings.  At least 2 full bathrooms because this is my house damnit, I don’t want to share.

My list of dreams and requirements, when joined with what I could afford, led to a pretty quick answer.  Up-and-coming neighborhoods.  These are the neighborhoods that are still in transition, and at first glance, might turn some people off – not just sexually, but also safetily (that’s not a word…  eh, it is now).  I drove around many of these neighborhoods, and quickly ruled them out.  I had a friend who would be showing art at the Artdromeda event in Pigtown, so I went along with him to talk to the guy running the whole event.  He told me that Pigtown was a nice place to live, with a delicious Chinese Restaurant, and an elementary school that had just won a Blue Ribbon for excellence.  Well, hell!  I can do that!  So I talked to my friend who showed his art, and to my real estate agent about the area.

I had made a pact with my agent that she was not supposed to let me live anywhere that she wouldn’t have her own child live.  She said it passed the test, but warned me that Baltimore can vary street by street, and that there were a couple streets she was weary of in the area, though all areas have that.  My artist friend told me that the area was going through some commercial revitalization.  That they were concentrating business development along Washington Boulevard’s 700-900 blocks.  Businesses sound awesome.  I like having places to go, and being able to walk to get to what I need.  That means more free time, no designated driver, saving money on gas, and a little fresh air.  He also told me that there was a sculpture garden that had been done recently.  "Double awesome.  I want to be near that."  I researched, and saw many active volunteer groups in the area – Friends of Carroll Park, Pigtown Main Street, Citizens of Pigtown, and others. 

So I looked around at what was for sale.  Some places were super old.  Some were completely rehabbed at rock bottom prices.  Some were even split into apartments, ready to be an investment property.  Some were three stories.  Some were two stories. 

I found a rehabbed house for sale, in the 1100 block of Sargeant.  Carroll Park on one end. A sculpture garden on the other.  One block from the redevelopment along Washington Boulevard. Three minute drive to Rt 95.  One mile walk to Downtown Baltimore, or Federal Hill bars. The location was awesome.  I drove around and around.  I drove by in the morning.  I drove by at night.  I drove by in the rain.  I wanted to check out every possible condition to see how the place hopped.  The neighbors must have thought that I was crazy.  Many sat out on their stoops, and there was a bar nearby with decent foot traffic.  I kept this in mind.  The more witnesses around, the less likely that somebody is going to get away with a crime. I refrained from judging the quality of people by their appearances.  Instead, I looked at their cars.  I looked at how they treated the things that they did own.  Looked to see if they cared about whatever car they had enough to keep it running.  They did.  There were new cars, and old cars, but no flat tires and nothing that look abandoned.  So I toured the house, and it was small, but awesome. The house had EVERYTHING that I wanted.  I was thrilled.

I will say there is one thing that COMPETELY FREAKED ME OUT.  While I was up on the roof deck touring the home, an elderly neighbor yelled out “don’t do it, you’ll be sorry”.  I wasn’t sure if he was jokingly telling me not to jump, or creepily telling me not to buy the place.

I was a little unsure about my purchase the first couple nights, but I got through them.  I set the alarm diligently, even when the door was locked and I was inside.  I woke up in the middle of the night to look out the front windows, checking that my car was there, and not broken into. I would walk my dogs, and the neighborhood kids would stop me to pet them, asking every possible question there could be about dogs. All at the same time.  After a couple months, I got to know the elderly neighbor who yelled up to me during the house tour from our little talks over the back fence.  My conclusion was that he’s a character.  Pigtown is full of characters.  It’s best not to put too much weight into anything he says, enjoying his company none the less.  Come to find out, his sister used to live there before she passed away, and before the home was rehabbed.  Truth is, Pigtown isn’t that dangerous.  Pigtown is pretty safe - especially if you’re smart about how you conduct yourself and where you keep any valuables. That is just plain street smarts. 

Two and a half years later, my house has never been broken into, and neither has my car.  My neighbors watch out for me.  While it might seem to some like Baltimore is "the big city", Pigtown has a great small town feel.  About 4 months ago, my house caught on fire.  One neighbor, who had moved in recently and I’d never met, offered me shoes because I had run out of the house quickly in my bare feet.  Another neighbor, who didn’t have much to offer, swore that I could stay on her couch as long as I needed.  Still another offered to water my plants out front to make sure they wouldn’t die while the house was being repaired.  While I don’t expect anyone to kick me while I’m down, I didn’t really expect their humble generosity either.  Not that they are mean people or anything… everyone on my block treats me with civility.  I just really appreciated their help, and would never have asked for it myself. 

I am grateful.  They cared for their cars enough to keep them going.  And so, they’ve cared for me too.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pigtown Author: Eric Webb

The beauty of living in such a diverse neighborhood, is being surrounded by people with so many different talents.  While I haven't read this book, I have met Eric.  And this dude is worth supporting. In addition to being a Pigtown resident, he is also a fun person to sit and have a beer with.  If you happen to run into him at any local joint - say "Hey!" and buy him a cold one.  I've run into him most often at the sports bar, Tommy's Downtown Tavern.

According to the website, the premise is: 

"Black Men Are Missing, Being Abducted & No One Is Asking Questions

Not The Media, Not The Police, Not The Government . . .

Why Not?
They Are Participating!!!"

What a thriller!  Check out the website for video trailers of the book.  

A biography:
"Eric Christopher Webb is a multitalented writer, performer and educator, having been featured in movies, videos, commercials and literary documentaries on HBO, BET Weekend’s Evening of Spoken Word, BET Rap City, Video Jukebox, The Party Machine, The Learning Channel, Voice of America and XM Radio. 

Called “a gifted and visionary wordsmith” by then-ESSENCE magazine poetry editor Angela Kinamore and praised by The Washington Post for his “poetry (that) shakes up the status quo,” he is the author of four other books, including Coming of Age: The Waking of Sleeping Giants, The Recipe For Revolution, the National Black Authors’ Tour bestseller, Love Letters, Death Threats & Suicide Notes: new and selected poems and essays (1991-1998) and P: Writings of Love, Passion & Eroticism, Vol. 1., contributing to several journals, anthologies and magazines as well as co-writing and/or co-starring in several spoken word and hip hop stage productions, including: I Dream A World: African American History Through Poetry, For Black Coffeehouse Poets Who Believe Their Shyt Really Matters?!, To Be Young, Gifted, Black With Rap, Baby Mama Drama and Wade In The Water. 

Webb, an instructor and content developer at The Graduate School, is a former Washington News Correspondent for Thomson Newspapers and an adjunct Associate Professor of English at Prince George’s Community College, having also taught at Temple University PASCEP, the Alternative Learning Institute as well as other schools and institutions. The past two-term president of the board of directors of the Literacy Council of Prince George’s County, MD, Inc., he is founder and senior fellow of The Khepera Center for Expression & Social Change, a paradigm-shifting institution whose mission is to establish a community of creative problem-solvers and social change agents that capitalize on the transformative and healing powers of expression and the Arts."

So check the book out!  It is available from Amazon in paperback and in e-book format.  How can you support the author in other ways?  Contact your local bookstore and let them know that you would like to see The Garvey Protocol in their store.  They only stock books by independent authors if they are specifically requested.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Annual Battle of MLK Softball Game: Pigtown vs Ridgely's Delight

It's that time again.  Time for the Annual Softball Throwdown.  So grab your friend, and come on down.  The event is for everyone - man, woman, and child.  And sometimes errant dog.

Last year, we lost the battle in Carroll Park, so we'll really have to step it up!

Here are the details to make it happen:
Where: Swann Park Softball Fields (this could change)
When: Saturday, August 18, 10:30 am (games begin at 11am) to 2pm-ish
What to bring: If you’re playing, bring your glove and a bat if you have one. Also, spectators and players alike, bring a dish for the potluck cookout and/or some meat for the grill. BYOB.  If you bring a 12 pack of beer, you can trade for a burger and vice versa.
Sign up: If you want to play, email Chris Conlon (Community Association President for Ridgely's Delight) at cjc7913 at yahoo dot com and/or escort yourself to the Facebook Event to add a tally on our side ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tour Dem Parks - Early Bird Special Ends TODAY

Register now, and please pass this along.  The early bird discount ends today.

Register for the 10th Annual… 
Tour dem Parks, Hon! 
Sunday, June 10, 2012
The Tour begins and ends in Carroll Park in southwest Baltimore (1500 Washington Blvd, 21230).  Choose from 12, 25, 36 or 64 mile rides, all wind through  Baltimore's parks and neighborhoods.  A relaxed barbecue with live jazz follows the Tour.
Early Bird Specials:  Adults  $35, 15 & Under  $15

"Tour dem Parks, Hon!” is committed to the promotion and enjoyment of urban cycling and the parks of Baltimore. Proceeds are donated to groups and non-profit organizations affiliated with parks, greening, and bicycling. To date, Tour dem Parks has raised over $100,000 which have been dispersed to a variety of organizations.  These funds have been used to paint the Jones Falls Trail mural, print maps and literature for the Gwynn’s Falls Trail, create rain gardens, sponsor programs and events in numerous parks, and more.  TdPH gives to the Friends of Druid Hill Park, Friends of Patterson Park, Velocipede, Blue Water Baltimore, Audubon, Friends of the Gwynns Falls Trail, Baltimore Green Map, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks and the Jones Falls Trail, and many more.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pictures from Happenings in Pigtown: Barnum & Bailey and Mobtown Ballroom

So I'm very late on posting these pictures.  But they are worth your wait, I promise.

Pigtown is named for the pigs that were brought by train from the Midwest, dropped off at the B&O terminus where the museum stands today, and then the pigs were herded to their destination, south of the neighborhood.
This tradition of transporting animals by train and walking them through the neighborhood continues today in a different way.  The circus!  Barnum & Bailey makes a visit to Baltimore annually, and their most precious cargo is dropped off in Pigtown.
I have no idea how you plan ahead how to catch this in the future.  I found out by seeing the train parked on the tracks as I passed by on Arlington St, and then received a tip from a friend that confirmed it.  This was on Monday, March 21st.  So I'm guessing you can keep an eye out for the Monday before the circus starts in town, and they will be offloading just before dusk, after rush hour traffic is cleared.

 They offloaded 9 Elephants (Asia, Assan, Baby, Banko, Luna, Sarah, Siam II, Toy and Tonkaw) and 24 Horses!  From there, they hurry them up Arlington St, make a right onto Pratt St, and continue down to the Baltimore 1st Mariner Arena.  This was my first time going to watch, and I will not miss this tradition next year!

If you haven't found out already,  Mobtown Ballroom is the place to go for dancing and entertainment in Pigtown.  They have classes for salsa, belly dancing, aerial silks, and much more!  There are open dance nights every Monday and  Friday, where you'll find most people swing dancing.  You can check out a panorama of their ballroom to help get yourself acquainted.  They also rent the joint out for events and weddings if you wish!  The pictures below showcase Mobtown Ballroom's Variety Show held on March 19th.  Check out these aerial dancing ladies!

And here's a shot of everyone having fun dancing after the show. 
I'm sorry, the combination of mood lighting and camera phone have never resulted well.  You'll just have to go see the place for yourself!  Everyone was super nice, and everyone dances with each other... wall flowers don't stay that way long.  So don't fear going solo, or going with a group of friends that aren't all couples.  BYOB.  Pick up something to-go from Miller's Liquors or Chris's Liquors, or join most of the crew for pre-party drinks at Cafe Calypso.  Afterwards, visit any of the nearby bars - personally, I find Cafe Calypso and Tommy's Downtown Tavern to be the most welcoming (read: no uncomfortable comments or glances) for the lady-folk.  Most importantly, have fun and get home safely.  If you live in the neighborhood, you're so lucky to already be home ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2012 Events in Pigtown

Pigtown Spring into Good Health Festival: Saturday May 5, 2012  11am-2pm @ 1100-1200 Blocks of Ward St.  Friends of Carroll Park will be rolling out their Walking Map for Pigtown at the event!

Sowebo Running & Walking Club Meetup: (always the 1st Saturday of the month)  Saturday May 5, 2012 10am @ intersection of James St & Bayard St.  For more info, contact: SuzKashnow at gmail dot com.  There will be one group jogging, and another group walking - so pick the one that best suits your pace!

Bike to Work Day: Friday May 18, 2012 there will be a pit stop in Carroll Park with refreshments from 7am-9pm.  There are pitstops all over the city!  Check out visit the event website for more information.

Tot Lot Planting: Saturday, May 19, 2012 Ms. Edith Nelson will be having her annual Tot Lot Planting event.  This is a great kid-friendly event, where the little ones can help out!  Join them at 9 am, at the intersection of Carroll St & Archer St.

SoWeBo Festival: Saturday May 26th

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2012 Community Events

April in General:
The dilapidated units at the end of the 900 block will be torn down.(Washington Blvd/W Cross St)
Work is being done at the old Sid's Tavern (1100 Washington Blvd) to become a convenience store and carryout. 
Charm City Wings & Waffles (807 Washington Blvd) is open and taking delicious orders!
The tulips planted by the Main Street Design Committee in the planters and under the "Welcome" Mural are blooming - go check out your handy work. (They meet the second Monday of every month 7pm @ Tommy's Downtown Tavern - 839 W Cross St)
Work is being done to open a community tool bank near Wicomico/Scott Streets. 
Progress on construction continues at 761 -767 Washington Blvd

Saturday, April 7 - Community Pit Bull Day
12:00pm to 3:00pm
Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School (Playground at Calhoun and Lexington Streets)
1400 West Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD

Wednesday, April 11 - Live Baltimore's Buying Into Baltimore West Pop-up Shop
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Live Baltimore will pop up smack dab in the middle of downtown for a rooftop cocktail party in Pigtown. Close to everything, this area will highlight Pigtown along with Barre Circle,Hollins Market, Ridgely's Delight and Union Square.
They're keeping the exact Pop-up location under wraps, so you'll have to RSVP on their website (use the link above) to hear more. The April 11th Pop-up location will serve Barre Circle, Hollins Market, Pigtown, Ridgely's Delight, Union Square.  Interested residents can volunteer to talk with homebuyers interested in your neighborhoods! Email for details.

Saturday, April 14 - 1st Annual Lot O Spring Flea Market
7:00am - 12:00pm
Raven's Stadium Lot O (Intersection of Ridgely Ave and W Ostend St)

$15 dollars to have a spot if you're not already registered.

Saturday, April 14 - Yelp's Totally 80s Wedding Party at Mobtown Ballroom
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
861 Washington Blvd
You must click the RSVP button for a chance to attend.  If there is still room available, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you are in!

Saturday, April 28 - Rebuilding Together Baltimore's Rebuilding Day
This is the second (and last) year in a row that this community beautification will occur in partnership with Rebuilding Together Baltimore.  Last year was a blast, and so much was achieved that continues to influence our neighborhood.  Please email sally at RTBaltimore dot org if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

See you out there! ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Re: Treatment Facility at 1001 Pratt St

This Thursday (March 22nd) starting at 7pm at 1401 Hollins St., the Southwest Partnership is hosting a meeting with Mr. Spearman, senior vice president, from the University of Maryland Medical System to discuss the new treatment facilities placed at 1001 W. Pratt St. This is an open meeting and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For those of you that do not know Southwest Partnership is an umbrella group that allows the various neighborhood associations to work together to tackle common problems. Currently, Union Square Association, Hollins Roundhouse, Franklin Square, Citizens of Pigtown and Mount Clare are actively working together to fight the clustering of treatment centers in the Southwest. Please come out to learn more and be a part of changing our communities. 
Photo by Fern Shen, Baltimore Brew

For details to date about this development, please see the following articles:

Washington Blvd (Rt1 - Rt95) Closure March 2012

 Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor

Khalil Zaied, Director


Tuesday, March 13, 2012
        Contact:  Adrienne Barnes
                        Kathy Chopper    
(410) 361-9296


 Traffic Advisory

Washington Boulevard Closure

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation would like to advise motorists that a portion of Washington Boulevard will temporarily close for utility work.  Starting at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, March 23, 2012 and continuing until 5:00 a.m. on Monday, March 26, 2012, Washington Boulevard will be closed to through traffic from I-95 to Monroe Street with detours in effect, weather permitting.       

Detour signs will be posted in the area and local access will be maintained during construction.   Motorists traveling in this vicinity may experience delays and are encouraged to use alternate routes.

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation:
“Keeping Baltimore Moving Safely”