Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Softball Throwdown: Ridgely's Delight vs Pigtown

The teams need players!
 Here's the quick and dirty from the Citizens of Pigtown website:
Where: Carroll Park Softball Fields
When: Saturday, August 20, 10:30 am (games begin at 11am) to 2pm-ish
What to bring: If you’re playing, bring your glove and a bat if you have one. Also, spectators and players alike, bring a dish for the potluck cookout and some meat for the grill.
Sign up: If you want to play for Pigtown, email Peter at pmurr002@gmail.com

 Check out COP's post for more info!

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  1. Sadly, Ridgely's Delight took the game. The score was 2-10. But it was a great time, and everyone met lots of new faces, in and out of the neighborhood!