Friday, August 10, 2012

Pigtown Author: Eric Webb

The beauty of living in such a diverse neighborhood, is being surrounded by people with so many different talents.  While I haven't read this book, I have met Eric.  And this dude is worth supporting. In addition to being a Pigtown resident, he is also a fun person to sit and have a beer with.  If you happen to run into him at any local joint - say "Hey!" and buy him a cold one.  I've run into him most often at the sports bar, Tommy's Downtown Tavern.

According to the website, the premise is: 

"Black Men Are Missing, Being Abducted & No One Is Asking Questions

Not The Media, Not The Police, Not The Government . . .

Why Not?
They Are Participating!!!"

What a thriller!  Check out the website for video trailers of the book.  

A biography:
"Eric Christopher Webb is a multitalented writer, performer and educator, having been featured in movies, videos, commercials and literary documentaries on HBO, BET Weekend’s Evening of Spoken Word, BET Rap City, Video Jukebox, The Party Machine, The Learning Channel, Voice of America and XM Radio. 

Called “a gifted and visionary wordsmith” by then-ESSENCE magazine poetry editor Angela Kinamore and praised by The Washington Post for his “poetry (that) shakes up the status quo,” he is the author of four other books, including Coming of Age: The Waking of Sleeping Giants, The Recipe For Revolution, the National Black Authors’ Tour bestseller, Love Letters, Death Threats & Suicide Notes: new and selected poems and essays (1991-1998) and P: Writings of Love, Passion & Eroticism, Vol. 1., contributing to several journals, anthologies and magazines as well as co-writing and/or co-starring in several spoken word and hip hop stage productions, including: I Dream A World: African American History Through Poetry, For Black Coffeehouse Poets Who Believe Their Shyt Really Matters?!, To Be Young, Gifted, Black With Rap, Baby Mama Drama and Wade In The Water. 

Webb, an instructor and content developer at The Graduate School, is a former Washington News Correspondent for Thomson Newspapers and an adjunct Associate Professor of English at Prince George’s Community College, having also taught at Temple University PASCEP, the Alternative Learning Institute as well as other schools and institutions. The past two-term president of the board of directors of the Literacy Council of Prince George’s County, MD, Inc., he is founder and senior fellow of The Khepera Center for Expression & Social Change, a paradigm-shifting institution whose mission is to establish a community of creative problem-solvers and social change agents that capitalize on the transformative and healing powers of expression and the Arts."

So check the book out!  It is available from Amazon in paperback and in e-book format.  How can you support the author in other ways?  Contact your local bookstore and let them know that you would like to see The Garvey Protocol in their store.  They only stock books by independent authors if they are specifically requested.

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