Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Annual Battle of MLK Softball Game: Pigtown vs Ridgely's Delight

It's that time again.  Time for the Annual Softball Throwdown.  So grab your friend, and come on down.  The event is for everyone - man, woman, and child.  And sometimes errant dog.

Last year, we lost the battle in Carroll Park, so we'll really have to step it up!

Here are the details to make it happen:
Where: Swann Park Softball Fields (this could change)
When: Saturday, August 18, 10:30 am (games begin at 11am) to 2pm-ish
What to bring: If you’re playing, bring your glove and a bat if you have one. Also, spectators and players alike, bring a dish for the potluck cookout and/or some meat for the grill. BYOB.  If you bring a 12 pack of beer, you can trade for a burger and vice versa.
Sign up: If you want to play, email Chris Conlon (Community Association President for Ridgely's Delight) at cjc7913 at yahoo dot com and/or escort yourself to the Facebook Event to add a tally on our side ;)

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