Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick Recap on local news

The construction going on at sidewalk intersections is to create handicap ramps at all corners.  This will bring our area up to code, and provide better accessibility to all Pigtown residents and visitors.  Glad to hear it, since most wheel chairs I see in town are cruising down the street.  That's not very safe!

Business News:
Perfecto, the coffee shop at 784 Washington Blvd, has gone out of business.  I'm not sure what the issue was exactly, but there seemed to be only one employee, and after he resigned it looks like the owner threw in the towel.
Steel Drum Cafe, the bar/restaurant at 771 Washington Blvd, does not have an "out of business" sign, but their doors were closed this weekend when they would normally be open.  I heard they had been that way for a few days at least. 

Political News:
Adam Van Bavel and Bill Marker are a couple of local boys running for a city council seat.  Please be sure to check them out and consider who you would like representing you!  Remember, if you're not making these decisions, someone else is making them for you.  This goes for being more involved in your community as well.
It looks like the new council district zones will take effect after the new election.  Until then, Pigtown remains in 3 different districts. 
Here they are helping out at Pigtown's Rebuilding Day:
Bill Marker

Adam Van Bavel

Rebuilding Day went very well.  Thanks to Amanda Malone of Rebuilding Together Baltimore for helping with that!  You can check out a few pictures from that event as well as the Housewerks Tag Sale, and Gallery 788 Flea Market on Pigtown Main Street's Facebook photo album and Pigtown Fan's Facebook photo album.  Lots of things were going on this weekend!

Events News:
  • Tuesday May 3rd at 7pm there will be a Friends of Carroll Park meeting at Wayman's AME Church, 1307 Washington Blvd.
  • Thursday May 5th 6-10pm there will be a gallery opening at Gallery 788 (and I'm guessing 21g as well, which is just two doors down), 788 Washington Blvd.  They tend to be quite the event, so check it out!!
  • Tuesday May 10th at 7pm there will be a Citizens of Pigtown (COP) community meeting at the bath house, 904 Washington Blvd.  Enter through the side door.
  • Saturday May 14th, and Saturday May 28th there will be a neighborhood cleanup with Washington Village Development Association (WVDA).  Meet at 9:30am at the interesection of W Cross & Washington Blvd.
  • Thursday May 19th there will be a Southern District Community Meeting at the Southern District Police Station on 10 Cherry Hill Rd.  There is free food.  Just go.  It's delicious.  And informative.
All of these events are on the PigtownHappens calendar.  Check the calendar for your nearby Citizens on Patrol walk, where the natives stroll around with an officer. 

May is National Bike Month!  Feel free to participate in Baltimore's Bike Challenge!  There are events throughout the whole month.  Bike To Work Day is May 20th, and there will be a Carroll Park station set up with refreshments for those pedaling commuters at the corner of Monroe & Washington Blvd.  Check the map for other stops on your way to work:

View 2011 Bike To Work Day Stations in a larger map


  1. PH - Thanks for posting these events! I ran into Adam Van Bavel Saturday morning during the cleanup. He was working with members of the BPD on Ostend St. and I had stopped to bring them some coffee and munchkins. Adam seemed like a really nice guy who genuinely cares about his neighborhood and his city! Thanks for all your clean up efforts, everyone of you!

  2. Sad to hear about the businesses. Both had/have such potential. I want to patronize local businesses and was very excited about both Perfecto and Steel Drum, but had such poor customer service experiences at each on multiple occasions that I stopped going. I wonder what we can do to attract more experienced business owners to the area?

  3. Steel Drum is coming under new management, and reopening soon.

    The previous manager may have been stabbed in a domestic dispute over an affair. Or they may not have. It's just a rumor I heard.

  4. Steel Drum is open again... with a sign that says under "new management" aka, the exact same management. Ugh. I don't like liars.