Thursday, April 21, 2011

Citizens of Pigtown (COP) meeting 04-12-2011

You can check out a video, courtesy of Adam Van Bavel (awesome idea Adam!!), here:

Video streaming by UstreamThe action starts around 14 minutes in. If you just want have the audio running while you search the web, you'll get the idea of the meeting. Man, social media makes everything so accessible. This neighborhood is just full of innovative and dedicated people! Love it!

You can download pdfs of the handouts from the meetings on COP's website.
Here are image versions for your previewing pleasure.

The other flier that was passed around was for computer classes.  There was only one, so I'll just tell you what it said.

South Baltimore Learning Center

Beginner computer classes start in May.  They go on for 6 weeks, meeting every Tues/Wed 5:30-7:30pm.  Class fees are based on a sliding scale based on your income.
Check out their website or give them a call.
410-625-4215,  28 E Ostend St

In other news...

I also saw that someone mentioned wanting to start a soccer league, on the Citizens of Pigtown Facebook page. That sounds great. I know that James (aka Buster*), who works at New City Mart on Ostend/Wash Blvd, was working to talk to businesses in the area to get some leagues going for the kids. Apparently the neighborhood used to practically shut down to support the games. If someone wants to start a new group (or maybe go through Friends of Carroll Park) that is dedicated to a neighborhood sports league, let me know! I definitely think there's interest, and people willing to help out.

*If you don't know Buster, go visit him for yourself. He's a cool guy worth knowing, and he's mean with a set of tools if you ever need a bike tune up.

Gallery 788 will be having a yard sale starting at noon on April 30th, which is also Rebuilding Day.  Hope to see you all out there!!

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