Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You're using the website!

Oh man!  Pigtown Happens actually shows up on google search now!  How exciting is that?!? (the first few weeks it didn't)

Just me?  I'm the only one excited?

Alright... fine.

But we've had over 700 hits!  And I swear that's not just me reloading the page. 
The most important thing I see is that people here care about this community we have, and that's just awesome.  I know a lot of people feel like they've lost momentum since the economy fell.  But stand straight!  Stand proud!  We're all in it together.  Everyone I've met here is really cool.  Even the guys who pee in my alley at least apologize when I catch them.  (By the way, I SEE YOU! Stop it!)  And you all have such great ideas.  Keep them coming!  Don't give up!  I'm really starting to feel like we're turning a corner this year.  The community groups are getting their stuff together, and becoming much more organized.  And everyone should be a part of that.

Smile.  You're doing good.

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