Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bikeshare in Pigtown?

The city was going to bring in a bikeshare program, and have a station in Pigtown.  And others around Baltimore.  My first thought?  AWESOME!!  Want it!

But not so fast!  Read the articles:

  • But did we really want it anyway, because there might be a better way - "Two Wheels Good" (City Paper)
The overview is that the demand and need is there.  Do you know someone would like to open a bike co-op on the West side?  Get them in touch with Velocipede.
From "Two Wheels Good":
“There’s a dude, calls himself ‘Ten Speed,’ that comes in all the time for old tires/tubes/etc.,” says Boson Au, a longtime Velocipede collective member, via instant message. “I finally asked him what he does with them. He fixes neighborhood kids/adult bikes. I mean, that guy, [the block he lives on] is so off the radar of bike shops.” As for the idea of a co-op like Velocipede in West Baltimore, Au adds, ”We need it, desperately. Not just West Baltimore. Highlandtown/Fells is another underserved area. We’d be [the shop’s] number one supporter. If someone wants to start another co-op, just ask us, we can give them starting stock.”

Update:   Bikeshare coming in Spring/Fall 2012

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