Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Artfisch: The Work of Erica Hinson Denny" Opening at Gallery 788

This Thursday, Gallery 788 will once again be the hottest spot in Pigtown  with the opening of their June show, "Artfisch: The Art of Erica Hinson Denny." Of course, 788 has been mentioned here previously.
Courtesy of Gallery 788

Unlike most shows there, this month will be dedicated entirely to the works of a single artist, Erica Hinson Denny, aka "Artfisch" who passed away last November. Erica was an extremely popular and influential nightlife photographer in DC and Maryland who was published extensively throughout the region. If you've been to 788 before, you've likely seen her work, which captures the energy and motion of those up-all-night hours when you feel most alive.

788 has made its reputation as an egalitarian co-op offering a mix of styles (and admittedly, a wide range of talent levels) at affordable prices for any start-up collector. Whats great about this gallery is the welcoming nature and lack of pretension. Its a great gathering place for the community and shows off an unexpected (at least to outsiders) side of Pigtown. In fact, the presence of 788 and its partner gallery, 21G, were one of the things that attracted me to move here. So if you're looking for something to do and a friendly crowd, head to Washington Blvd tomorrow and celebrate the work of one of Baltimore's unique artistic voices.

 Every first Thursday in Pigtown, Gallery 788 opens their doors with a new set of art on the walls, and a party to celebrate it all.  Be sure to join us!

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