Friday, March 4, 2011

Union Square has their stuff together!

They have their own google group, and they have such an awesome website!

Their calendar is there, and they do awesome regular postings.  I have a huge crush on this website.  These people are my hero.  It's exactly the thing that I hope we can get going for Pigtown!

I wonder if they feel any sense of competition.  Like if I showed up to one of their council meetings, would they feel like I was some sort of spy?  As though I was trying to find out what grants they were applying for, or what marketing stuff they were doing and go "Oh! That's a great idea!  Pigtown should do that!" I gotta say, I do believe in the greater good, but if I didn't have such a strong belief in sharing knowledge, I might have negative feelings about other people, who didn't work as hard, benefiting from my efforts and creativity.  Especially if they were more successful with it.  But it should be fine, as long as they gave a hand as well.  Am I over analyzing?  I'll have to talk to someone...

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  1. I've attended some Union Square meetings and they are very receptive to outsiders, lol.