Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New stuff and shameless promotion

I will be posting info about last night Citizens of Pigtown meeting as soon as I get the chance!

I wanted to mention that I've added a contact page to the site for feedback and ideas.  Some people subscribe through a reader, so I don't think these updates show up for you.  I've also added a page with links to all of the community groups, facebook pages, and local attractions.  It's kinda nice having that all in one spot!  Maybe I'll find a way to post a feed that shows all of the updates that these groups post on facebook so no one misses a thing.  Pigtown Princess over on Twitter has found a nice way to do this, and maybe I'll figure out a way to post her Pigtown Princess Daily feed here.

ARTiculate Form

A hobby artist friend of mine, who is local to the area and only about a mile from Pigtown, has posted a new artwork on his blog.  Check it out!  He's had some work up in Gallery 788 and Artdromeda in the past, so I think it's alright to mention him here.  Hopefully we'll see more of his work around.  But if this sparks a gift idea or looks like something you might want in your home, drop him a line by clicking on his profile at the bottom of his page.  He's also just a cool guy.  Who doesn't love cool people?

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