Thursday, March 10, 2011

Southern District Police Link

I noticed that not only was Pigtown not on the list... The majority of community group links weren't working anymore.  Checking at the bottom of the page, it looks like it hasn't been updated in 3 years!  So I clicked on "Contact Us", then "send us an email".  Under the category Webmaster>Make a suggestion, I wrote the following:

"I love that you offer resources links into the communities' groups!  I'm a part of Washington Village/ Pigtown's community group called Citizens of Pigtown.  I was hoping that you might post a link to our website, for locals to enjoy. 

I tried to click on other communities' links, but it looks like many are no longer in service.  Could you let me know when you update these next?  Thanks!"

Feel free to do the same!  Anywhere we can put a link is awesome.  It gets the page ranked higher in google search, and just makes our community group information more readily available to people in the area, and potential buyers.

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