Friday, January 20, 2012

Parking Permits

Do you need to apply for or renew your Area B parking permit?

Go to the Baltimore City website for instructions on applying for your parking permit.

New residents will need to apply in person at the City office, while people who are renewing can file online.  Please make sure you have all of the necessary documentation.  The line is long, and your time is valuable.

After you've applied, you can either pick up your permit at the City office (which is rumored to be a tortuously long wait), or you can pick it up at the Bath House (904 Washington Blvd) on the designated days.  I believe you must specify which you will do when applying.  Sherry over at Citizens of Pigtown (COP) has done a wonderful job making sure that the pick-up dates and times are reasonable for most people, and she is volunteering her time and gas money to scoop up those permits from the City, in an effort to save you some trouble.

Pick up days/times for permits are as follows:
Sat, January 21, 9am – 2pm
Wed, January 25, 6pm – 9pm

Give the COP gang a big hug and a "thank you" while you're there!


Area B permits are free through the stadium authority, and restrict parking when there is a stadium event.  Be VERY careful because ANY event at the stadium restricts parking.  While this is done for your well-being, they don't always have events up on a calendar, and you want to be sure that your next cook-out doesn't cause bitter feelings when your out-of-town friends end up with a big ticket.

More information about local parking restrictions can be found on the Citizens of Pigtown Parking Information webpage.

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  1. Thanks- this is extremely useful for my first renewal!