Monday, January 30, 2012

Gaslight Square

1401 Severn St, aka Gaslight Square is one of the coolest historic spaces in Pigtown.  The other coolest space would have to be HousewerksThe 2.781-acre site used to be home to Valspar's Baltimore Plant.

 Gaslight sign Day/Night


 Main Stairwell:

One of the recently rehabbed spaces, ready for a tenant to move in, and customize to their needs:

Courtyard with salvaged conveyor belt turned bridge:
 Hallway between offices:

Office space of an Online Used Book Store:

(Sorry about the pictures, I don't own a real camera)

The owner has such a great sense of space and experience with Historical Architecture.  In fact, many items used in the buildings are original, salvaged from demolition, or purchased from Housewerk's Industrial Salvage.  A big THANK YOU goes to the owner for taking his time to give us the tour.  Looking for an awesome business space?  Look no further.

Click here for leasing info.
Gaslight Square was also featured on Baltimore InnerSpace's article on Outer Pigtown.

The building is currently home to:
Gaslight Coffeeshop (Open weekdays 7am-4pm)
MD Division of Parole and Probation Regional and Field Offices
Ukazoo Books Offices
Universal Counseling Services (UCS)

MD Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Developmental Disabilities Administration - Central Maryland Regional Office

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