Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Baltimore Check-In

If you haven't heard about this, give the website look-see!

Urbanite is hosting an event utilizing four-square, a location-based social networking website.  And Housewerks is in it! Ahem... with no check-ins... get on that people!  Ok, so it launched yesterday, we'll forgive you.

What do you need?  A smart phone.  A four-square account.  Tenacity. 

Me?  I fail at requirement number one and two, so I'm relying on you other people who are more tech-savvy than myself.  But you know what?  If you're like me, and you can't participate in a way that wins you prizes, don't fret.  The Check-In is still an awesome way to get ideas.

Want to see the secret some places around Baltimore that you probably haven't been to?   Check out the Who Knew? category.

Going on a date?  Check out the Go Picnic or Foodie category.  Boom!  Done.  Really, every category is date worthy if you need ideas that will impress.  Guaranteed.  Ok, maybe not guaranteed.  But ditch them if they're not impressed.  See? Great weed-out tool.  You can thank Urbanite for saving you from a destined-to-fail relationship.

And please tell your friends!  Lets make Housewerks the top Check-In!!  Check out the Housewerks website for hours of operation.


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