Monday, March 19, 2012

Mobtown Ballroom Events

Mobtown Ballroom
861 Washington Blvd  Baltimore, MD 21230

TONIGHT, Monday March 19, 2012:
FREE Monday night swing: 8pm drop-in lesson followed by 9pm-12:30am boogie

March 31
From the Facebook Event
"Ladies and Gentlemen--it's happening. The Mobtown Ballroom is putting on a variety show. We've lined up the acts, and we're preparing to put on an evening so titillating, so thoroughly alluring, that you will never be the same again. The lovely (and thoroughly buff) Kelly... Jo Stull will perform high-flying feats. There will be stage kittens. There will be clowns. There will be stage ninjas. There will be a woman crushing an egg with her bosoms.
The show runs from 8-9:30, and to amp you even more, we will follow it up with a SOUL DANCE PARTY from 9:30 until you're all danced out. The best part? The show and party cost only $10. You can't beat it."

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