Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Day Treats

Valentines Day is officially one week away, and you are well into the planning stages of the day.

WHAT!?  You're not!?   You say you haven't planned anything yet?  Oh man, I'm glad we ran into each other! 

Don't freak out... we can fix this together.  Go down to The Art of Candy at 782 Washington Blvd and pick up one of their gift arrangements filled with assorted sinful treats.  Now, don't wait until the very last minute on this.... supplies are limited, and you know you need to impress.

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Other ideas:
Go out for dinner
Ebenezer Ethiopian Restaurant at 821 Washington Blvd
Cafe Calypso at 771 Washington Blvd
Drink with friends
Tommy's Downtown Tavern at 839 W Cross St

Single?  All of the above still applies, treat yourself!  You deserve it.

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